It's Time to Start Your Concrete Project With us

What differentiates Super Concrete Inc. from our competitors is its leadership position coupled with its ability to provide service over a wide geographic area and its proven expertise in the concrete industry over the years. Our fleet of equipment has consistently delivered safe, quality and innovative products to its customers’ job sites.  

Highly Durable Concrete

With our mix design, the lifespan of your structure and its ability to withstand local weathering action and chemical attack is guaranteed.

Elevated Pour Concrete

Perfect for the construction of large high rise buildings. With our concrete boom pump, there is constant and steady supply of concrete to the top.

Flat Pour Concrete

Ideal for the construction of patios, walkways, sidewalks, foundations, driveways and any other flat surfaces. Concrete is accurately poured to your desired site whether along or over the ground.

Pumping Service

The strength of the concrete is the measurement of the concrete’s ability to carry loads or handle compression. We can supply from 3000 PSI (Residential Projects) to 6000 PSI (Commercial Projects).



In recent years, the advent of ultra-high performance concrete has revolutionized construction, offering increased ductility, durability and resistance. The plant and equipment of Super Concrete Inc. is constantly being upgraded to meet the needs of the industry and today, can be considered as one of the more advanced concrete plants in Guyana. Constant maintenance ensures that there is little to no down time with adequate plant capabilities to service multiple customers simultaneously.

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